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BMW E9-Corvette-Mercedes Hybrid??

BMW E9-Corvette-Mercedes Hybrid??

Dont exactly know what to call this, but I guess it has the title as a BMC 6.0CSR

BMW - Mercedes - Corvette and 6.0CSR as the stock BMW was a 2.8CS

This is a fully custom built car, also approved by the new regulations legalising DIY built cars. 


  • GM LS2
  • 3D printed cold air intake
  • 180degree equal length long tube headers


  • Corvette C6 Z06 Torque Tube
  • Corvette C6 Z06 T56
  • Corvette C6 Z06 differential
  • Corvette C6 Z06 driveshafts


  • Front: Mercedes 600CL suspension
  • Rear: Corvette C6 Z06
  • Modified K-Sport Coilovers


  • Outer shell from a 1969 BMW E9
  • Custom frame from firewall and forward
  • Corvette C6z floor and frame from firewall and back. 
  • Combination of C6z and custom made interior

Previous 1965 Corvette C2 - Resto mod